Monday, September 28, 2009

Begin With The End In Mind

Maybe some of you keep thinking how often I am to post new entries in my blog. Well, basically that is my hobby. Most of the time, there is always ideas come along inside my head and i cannot wait to bury it inside it, I have to spit it out at once. Ideas come unintentionally. And great ideas give us an opportunity to excel beyond.

Lets begin with the end in mind. I keep doing this method before i go for sleep. I keep imagine and imagine, even sometime the imagination doesn't make sense at all. Positive thinking plays a role here.

Lets say if I asked you to imagine a yellow lemon, being cut by your mom at the kitchen, she slices it into pieces and then squeezes it into a cup of tea. You see there is an oozing out of the watery splashing of the lemon. It taste so sour. The aroma hits your nose. Imagine that! Where you can actually taste the sour part! Did you realize when you imagine the situation, your tongue has produces a lot or saliva. It oozes out without you noticed.

That concept apply to the imagination. I used to imagine everything before sleeping; my friends, my family and even my girl friend, i mean my future wife and whatsoever about her. Even my future son. How many cars should I have. How big will my house be, and others. I put the imagination to be my targets. I am a biotech-wanna-be. So, imagine myself as a professional biotechnologist who one day will own my own company. I will do this because i start with the end in my mind which i will help the people, contribute to the society.

So, guys, lets begins the end in our mind. Nothing we need but only a little of time for imagination. Do not hesitate to do that. Yet, make sure it will not become only a useless imagination. Efforts and work hard have to follow up. Do not procrastinate the time. Put all your energy and power on it. It apply to all situation in our life. Good luck!