Friday, December 12, 2008

They are special...

The first semester had closed the door, closing with thousands of memories, events and scenes. The momment I was returning home, my mind keep thinking on the experiences that i gained for about six month being at KMB. I know, it was hard to curb within first six month in the new environment, it was difficult to attain good position in my achievement, i need more time to do it like on my prevoius school. 

Nevertherless, Kolej MARA Banting really was the best place to me to study. CAS is one of important element there. It refers to Creativity, Action and Service, I do not need to elaborate much more on CAS, but i do want to share some of my experiences during doing external cas; visiting Pusat Pemulihan Dalam Komuniti Telok Panglima Garang every two weeks. 

They are really special

They need us to help them

The momment of my first step there, I was so shaky, my heart; not my body. The adrenalin keep being produced, i felt anxiety and sometime nervous. The feeling begged on me to focus on it. There, i met Chee Chong, Ikmal, Awie and other names that perhaps i have forgotten. They were less fortunate people, coming from different background, some of them were Down Syndrome, Hyperactive, Cerebral Palsy, and Autism. They were special in term of that and we were fortunate in term of being normal. 

They want to know nothing, but let them know something

Treat them passionately, give them priority.

Their intelligent depend on their ability, teach them..

They realise on bond that ties us together
If we can play football, they also can

Chin Beng, Me, and Mubin

Every visit, there would be different activities we did there, my group are made up of eight people; combining efforts and skills together in helping the occupants. And what I realised, although the less fortunate guys were different physically and mentally, their intuition were similar to us. I could feel it when i touched with them. They were totally innocent. They had no responsible that we have to. Their burden to be here, in this Earth, in this brief life, really some tests toward us, either we are good and patient enough to accept them.

Haha, while waiting for the bus, we were playing at playground
Sometimes, our eyes cannot hold on anymore..

What a sweet experience i got there.. Remember, they are the same as us, do treat them equally. They are special... 


a h u y y said...

habis arhh
gmbr mubin dijual di blog kau..

Akmal Hayat said...

haha..hg tolong meng'hot'kan lg si abeen tuh

Syamil said...

mesti mubeen suruh ni..
macam kenal je tempat ni??

ikmal ke akmal?

ikmal rumate aku..
akmal budak pdk??
mana satu betul??

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

to [ahuy] and [akmal]

haha, xda niat nak 'hot2kan' mubeen da..

neway, gambar dia pling cun, ley jadi model kar blog aku neyh..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

[syamil budak engine]

akmal budak pdk la..
yg comey2 tuh, nakal2..

tapi ikmal roomate ko comey gak kut..
cuma dia x special ja..