Friday, December 12, 2008

The CashFlow Game

As I said, KMB is a place where a lot of activities happen even only in a brief month. For a flashback, many new things i met there. Playing modern game like Paintball, Frisbee, and CashFlow are examples that i really enjoyed them so much!

It was on the month that full of hectic actvity, i guess, my holiday i used to spend with a tiny game that i had never heard before. The CashFlow game. I was recruited to join the cashflow game about a month ago. My teacher asked to my class either anybody want to join it, so, quickly i grabbed it! In my mind, i kept thinking what is actually caslhflow game? Is it interesting? Being a business student in KMB forced me to take that challenge, plus with i am a Financial Director of Business Club in my college. For the whole week before the game, I did some reading, revision on business studies, hope that i can prepare well. Yet, suddenly i found that there was nothing much related to a company or firm management rather than a game which we have to manage our  account in our daily life but it is just in a kind of board game. 

It is only a board game which you can enjoy playing it

On the first day of the programme, we were motivated by someone who is a milllionaire, owned about 10 millions money in his account, I did not remember much about him but what i can say he is one of the rich person in Malaysia. He gave us spirit to chase the dream of making one million-mind. Yet, sometime, the way he taught us was quite annoying. 

Mr. Rithaudin : A millionaire, gave his speech

Perhaps, too many of you have familiar to 'Monopoly', 'Millionaire' and Saidina: the game is just simply quite the same as those. The different is that the game requires the participants to think much and deeper in making decisions and in addition they have to be very skillful in accounting.  

My excellent teammates, Siddiq, Ikmal, Dalila and Me

The idea how to play it is quite simple. Raise your passive income higher than your expenses. By then, you can come out from the 'Rat race' and enjoy your business revenue. It is a kind of try to overcome money problem by having backup passive income that will lead you to do anything you want.
Siddiq showed his skill and said " To win this game, we have no choice; we have to gamble on it"

Ikmal, our leader received our bet, our money

Nevertherless, the game was really interesting, challenging ang outstanding! After several days practising to play that game, lasltly the game can be considered like a piece of cake! It was easy, i raised my money as much that i have by buying wothwhile stock market, sell it on the best momment, then buy several properties to raise the passive income. ( Not as easy as you think)

I won!!! haha, nonsense. Just holding other person's prize

Lastly, we had a winner in ther competition, although i did not win, but then the knowledge that I got is more important. Far, far more important than money we gained in our life...


Anonymous said...

oh how i despise that game for i was THE ONLY ONE incapable of getting out of the rat race!there goes my sweat for nothing!ahaha!

Akmal Hayat said...

guane nk maen?? ajaq aku!

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...


Be cool..
ala, bnda tu game jaer.. jgn susah ati..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

[akmal hayat]

boley2, nnti bila2 aku ajar, sng ja.. small matter.