Friday, October 22, 2010

How to tell the non-muslims about Islam indirectly?

There is no real method to discuss about Islam with non-muslims. However, as a muslim we may consider some part of actions that we can do.

Creating Demand
Keep creating demand to them. In business i learned that, demand creates supplies. With many demands, business-minded persons will try to achieve their profit. But how? Try to create demand like asking "Do you sell Halal Foods here?". If many people ask the same questions, I think the sellers will possibly go to the internet and search what does Halal mean. Then, they will realize that they have demands there. In a way, they have learned something about halal foods and Islam. That's simple to say, but difficult to do even me myself. But let have a try! Why not?

Be unique
I mean, muslims, we should have certain point of uniqueness, like we have word "bin" as our middle name. Sometimes non-muslims in other countries may become weird when seeing our name. Let have a try to explain to them that uniqueness. Do not be shy to tell the truth. They will possibly astonished with our name especially our First name that is supposed to be our father's name is actually our name instead. Remember, do not be nervous, explain to them well.

Hey Ya!
They are people who listen and speak too. Have a great patient with them, say hye if needed, and try to start a simple conversation like discussing about their background, what course are they taking for, how long have they been there, and etc. Simple words does not mean we ignore them, but we could actually take the opportunity to explain to them about Islam very well indeed. They will actually respect to us. Everybody has the right to speak.

I'm Sorry
I heard a lot about there is so much worried about our involvement in clubs will actually bring us to the bad things like going to pub and joining Friday whatsoever. It is like we will become ignorance if we speak to them and join some beneficial activities. I think we are wrong, we should actually tell them our stand that we we will not join them with concrete and relevant reasons. Nothing that is so difficult.

Be open but not too 'open'
Open means, we are able to discuss in an open way, do not feel wrong and accuse others that they are in wrong side. That's not the way. We should discuss and respect their stand and opinion and therefore they should respect us in ways. But, do not be too open like touching and holding hands with girls and having free discussing too much. That's bad. Think before you discuss.

See ya!

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Syu Rahman said...

true. we should somehow try to create a demand. easy to say than do, but that what's all of us need to have a kick start with. even in malaysia its a great challenge in telling the TRUTH about Islam. since they've seen and heard to much about the so-called-islam. good job and good luck!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yup..but atik tgk yg lelaki lg macam berminat nak tau pasal islam..kalu nmpk pakai tudung mesti islam,n dorang yg berminat tu akan dtg kat kite n tnye la macam2
mmg kene byk ilmu la nk bg dorang paham..

Anonymous said...

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