Saturday, May 29, 2010

Muhammad Legacy of A Prophet

I downloaded this movie with the intention to spent my leisure time, and i don't expect this movie will gonna be like Star wars, Iron Man2 or what so ever. It just for education and self-empowerment indeed. Muhammad Legacy Of Prophet was absolutely fantastic, i can claim this one because i watched it. It is about a story oh Muhammad, claimed by different people of different of ideology, even from non-muslims with impressive and positive feedback about Muhammad. It may change the perception of non-muslims to Muslims over the world and it may lighten up the spirit of Muslims to to self-sacrifice and appreciate the Islam.

It can be simply downloaded here, I' ll teach you some steps so that it would be easier and faster to do it.
 But what I really hope is that, either you are Muslims or non-Muslims, you are encouraged to download and watch this one. It is free of charge, just spending two hours like watching your cinema, everything is still the same. Here are the ways, follow the steps below.

1. To download faster you'll need IDM (internet download manager)
2. Click here to download
3. Your Antivirus may detect this file as a virus but it is actually not, it just the keygen.exe simply cause the antivirus detects it as a virus, so do not delete it. just ignore.
4. Extract and install the file which is in zipped file folder. Once installed, open the folder containing patch folder double click and everything is ready.
5. Then, you may go to the link below to download Muhammad Legacy Of Prophet by using your new installed IDM. Good Luck!
6. Click here to download Muhammad Legacy of Prophet.[folder mloap]
this is the link case it is still broken.

I guess if the link is broken, you may opt to use this alternative below:

Muhammad Legacy Of A Prophet [Mediafire]

*Password  :
Kredit to ^_^

Semoga dengan sharing ini, tarbiyah di rumah itu terus berterusan, jaga-jagalah iman dan hati. Ingat, walaupun IB dah habis, tarbiyah berterusan. ^_^
Secara jujurnya, saya menangis tatkala di penghujung cerita ini. Sungguh sayu, movie ini juga amat bergune bagi individu yang bakal menunaikan umrah, kerana mampu menaikkan kerinduan yang teramat.

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sikat said...

the link is broken!

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

oh really? but its ok. i already put another alternative. just try, but a little bit time consuming. (have to download partly) the one above with only one download.

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

ok, link dah repaired. ^_^

Atikah Nur Dzulkhefli said...