Saturday, May 16, 2009

Aku Terima Nikahnya : I accept her

He was so lucky to be the one who will marry soon at that time. His fiancee was a Medical student, in Ireland. As a growing adult, who studied abroad, he felt quite hesitated to accept the decision. There was a guy as a middle communicator who create realtionship. He just accepted and indicated what had happened as a fate.

It became so difficult for him to wonder how easy both of them to say yes in the decision, accepting each other yet themselve not even meet to each other, not even had gone out for any dinner, sending any mail, and whatever most of the people do today!

The first time he met his fiancee when she was with her family. All the preparation, planning of the engagement had been discussed. It took about two years before their marriage. "Are you crazy, man? Marrying a doctor! Don't you fear to be left one day?" Asked by a friend. "The prophet SAW was busier than me. And his wife, Siti Khadijah was even busier compare to a doctor. So, there should be a formula, my dear friend!" he replied in calmness.

He accepted that is is undeniable that it is very difficult to have a family's life for a those who work as doctor. A husband may be left even more due to 'inhumane' on call schedule. Imagine that a doctor who had started the career in a hospital has to go for working at 8 o'clock in the morning on Monday. His or her job will end on the next evening of Tuesday around 5 o'clock and sometime until late night. The next day, Wednesday, she or he has to go for work again at 8 o'clock in the morning dan will end the job during on Thursday! That's what always happening today and he accepted that. He chose to marry a doctor because he believed there should be any chance for him to do good manner, as he is an Ustaz.

He remembered well of what his senior had told to him, " In having a family, don't too choosy in finding the most ideal and perfect partner. If we want an ideal and perfect partner, one day, when she come into our life, we will always see his weaknesses. Accept her complementarily.."

After two years of engagement, they both married. Their lives at the first three month revealed it challenges...
(please do buy or borrow and read by yourself, it is excellent!)

That is a part of the story of "Aku terima Nikahnya" written by Ustaz Hasrizal, or well-known with his website

It is not about the marriage and enjoyment that the book would like to deliver, but the idea of true love forced by Islam. "Is it weird love without recognising each other, go for eating together, replying messages and SMS??? " And when thinking about marriage, do not think only how to get married, think about how to look after your kids, handle all the problems in your family!

"Aku terima Nikahnya" is a splendid book for those who are already matured, especially to most adults today. It encourages people to practice good relationship of between two different gender and avoid coupling which is banned in Islam.. Love is a gift from Allah, and there should be a correct way to receive it, by marriage.


al-ikhsan said...

aku suka post kali ini. entah kenapa aku rasa lagi 'dekat' dan faham kalau baca guna bahasa ni berbanding bahasa asalnya.

(budget mat saleh ar tu)tihihi~

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haha, baguslah mcam tu.. perkataan 'dekat'tu kenapa perlu distring kan. mcm ada maksud lain.

crixerity said...

aku nak beli tak jumpa lagi buku ni.
tapi kalau jumpa pun, segan nak beli nanti orang tengok2 fikir lain. pinjam kau punya je lah amin.

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haha, tau xpe, aku siap tersipu-sipu beli buku tuh. dah la terletak kat rak 'FAMILY AND HEALTH', merah gak muka aku dibuatnye.

ok2, skunk buku tu yayd pinjam, nnti minta dari dia.