Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Holidays: Guidance to Succes Motivational Camp

About more than three month, i think, i had never come out with a long written post. I lost my mood, i lost my intention to write. But, Still i love to write if the content of the post really brings something in my life. right now, I am at home, in my room, just still in the early morning after refreshing from a tiredness journey Kulim to Kodiang last night.

I had joined and organised a Motivational Camp which we called it as G2S or simply translated it as Guidance to Success. First of all, i would like to dedicate my apology to the Project Manager, Akmal Hayat due to this post. He said that he had 'booked' to post this post. (to Akmal Hayat: maybe you can think to post with other stlye, haha)

For four days and three nights, everything that we had planned went smoothly, and the project was really fantastic, received attentions from nearly one hundreds students there. The Camp was held, its objective is to nurture the spirit of learning and to motivate the rural student there in facing the SPM and PMR. The fasilitator were those who are right now following the IB prgoramme and all of us were very qualified with a minimum qualification all straight A in either PMR or SPM. Acap is commited teaching his mentees
Group activity: Allows the students to work together
Handsome Akmal hayat, Gorgeous Syahmi, Smart Jat, And Cool Syamil..

Hello2.. i am a hailer boy..

Dropping the egg's parachute!!

This is mine!!! it works out!! Yahoo...

Guiding the big boss, haha..

With my Group: Mumtaz means excellent, they got the third place!

Many exciting activities were designed to inculcate many good values to the participants. one of the examples are 'Mega strucutures' which the students had to create their own stable structure by using only bundles of straws. Other than that, we had other games - 'Egg Strucutre Defender', 'Egg parachute', 'Epal and Oren', 'Gusti Lutut' and 'Oh Juice' game. The group games promised the participants with exciting experiences and hundreds of values.

The night before the last day, we 'forced' the participants to scream, and cry by our own method- phsycology. Since one of out team had an experience in making other to cry, which is by letting them to remember their mother, death and others, majority of the paricipants cried and lets their tear to flow out. Sense of regretion, hopefully the participants will learn something during the night. The last day there was something meaningful to everybody, the bond of close relationship was reall tight, the momment that everybody will never forget about it.

Trivia of the D-day:

Fell Asleep..Exhausted!

Relax And Steady right???


akmal hayat said...

hoi3..awt gmbq ak tdoq pn msok gak?

Amin Rox said...

nak tunjuk betapa bersungguh-sunguhnya akmal hayat sehigga ttido depan laptop!!! hahaha

Anonymous said...

bes la g2s,nak buat lg r,..xpuas ronda2 kedah..huhuhu-atik mo8B penyebok

Anonymous said...

bes la g2s,nak buat lg r,..xpuas ronda2 kedah..huhuhu-atik mo8B penyebok

akmal hayat said...

ha3..kalo yer pn nk tunjuk sgguh2..tgkp rr time bt keje..

syamil said...

mana gambaq aku...sekeping pon x dak......redha apepon,kem kita best!!

Amin Rox said...

to akmal:
WEyh, gambar waktu ttdo ar the best, semngat tu jelas terukir walopun da ttido. Semnagt untuk wat keja walopun terlalu letih...tragis..sobz2

Amin Rox said...

To Syamil:
weyh, sori2, aku x perasan lak gambaq ang xda sebelum nih, so aku come out ngn gambaq mantap ang posing ngn gaya yg cool dan bersahaja.. haha, mengalahkan trivia akmal hayat..

Persoalan: Apakah Syamil sedang buat???? Merenung seseorang??? Apakah??? jeng3..

akmal hayat said...

weh!! trivia ak kalah?? haha..kena fight nie!

al-ikhsan said...

macam manakah amin sebagai seorang fasi?daku tertanya-tanya..hahaha

Amin Rox said...

to akmal :
weyh, ang xyah dok lawan, aku rasa trivia ang semua mantap2.. haha..

Amin Rox said...

to ikhsan:

kalo aminrox sebagai fasi mesti ar terbaik, beruntung sapa dapat dia.. haha.. (bukan riak, tapi mnjawab soklan ikhsan ja..)