Friday, March 20, 2009

At last, I fell in love

Erm, a nice title, right?

It caught many bloggers to come here including you perhaps. What attract the people when i said ' At last, i fell in love..'. Something is attractive behind the topic, it seems those who read will be forced to know about it. So, it makes sense that love is something everyone needs it.

So, if i say 'At last i fell in love'. Does it means something? Will it affect my whole life then? I guess no, even if I really fall in love, i will remain as myself. Hence, in this post i would not prefer to tell about the love actually. It is my privacy, i have to make it secret. No one can ever know about one's feeling.

What's next? How do you define love? Are you sure love is everything? Is love is the feeling of liking something, something which is cool enough to make one feels so great? Or is it can be considered to be everything in our life? Love comes with a very great feeling when it has grabbed you. But avoid from being lied by your own wrong imagination about love. No one can determine accurately how love really affects one's life, yet without love the life is full of boredom, dull and mundane!

And why does love is related to girl and guy? Why not love does not involve between a mankind and animals or others? Why not people relates Love between God and Human? Why??

This is the answer;
When sparks fly between two people, we're quick to say they have "chemistry." Not everyone realizes that such couples literally have do have chemistry--it's what's behind those sweaty palms, the jumpy stomach, thumping heart, and nervous jitters. Chemistry also contributes to that warm, comfortable feeling you get from being with a longtime partner.
When two people are attracted to each other, a virtual explosion of adrenaline-like nuerochemicals gush forth. Fireworks explode and we see stars. PEA or phenylethylamine is a chemical that speeds up the flow of information between nerve cells.

Also, involved in chemistry are dopamine and norepinephrine, chemical cousins of amphetamines. Dopamine makes us feel good and norepinephrine stimulates the production of adrenaline. It makes our heart race!

These three chemicals combine to give us infatuation or "chemistry." It is why new lovers feel euphoric and energized, and float on air. It is also why new lovers can make love for hours and talk all night for weeks on end.

Another euphoria-inducing chemical in your brain, norepinephrine, stimulates the production of adrenaline and makes your blood pressure soar when near the person you're attracted to. That's why you might experience a pounding heart or sweaty palms when you see someone you've got the hots for.

So, is there any true love? Perhaps yes. But what the most important thing is that love must be nurtured slowly and not rapidly. That's the problem that happens today, many of couples manage to stay together only four to five years according to researches done many scientists and phsycologists. Arghh!! why i am sweating, my heart is pumping vigorously?! Oh no! Do I fall in love??!! Help Me!!

(just coming home from jogging, haha!)


Anonymous said...

"can love remain simply as 'love', or does it has to has 'the chemistry of love' behind it?would'nt it be considered as 'love' if it is not of the latter?define love."

hahaha. now that's TOK, a real IB TOK. hahaha!

just kidding though, i was actually very surprised to see [read] so many scientific terms and whatnots. takpaham. jargons can cause barriers in communication, remember [BMS]?hohoho!

[well, guess i'm just NOT a science material after all.hmm..]


humaira said...

bakal menggantikan dr. Saidah.

p/s dis hols ramai post sal love kan?? y huh? anyone?

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

to ikhsan:

haha, ini semua pasal TOK which makes me to feel cool and relax to write whatsoever comes across in my mind..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

to humaira:

haha, perhaps kot, tapi dr saidah lagi mntap ar..

aah, pasal byk yg post pasal loce tu mmg undeniable, mmg totally semua ckp pasal love. huh.. mmg semua dah jiwang!!!