Sunday, March 8, 2009

I love to be here

Writing and posting this simple post is something difficult in the hectic life here. I do not know why, after several month, at the second semester, i love to ignore my blog. I kept whatever happens around me to be silent, which i will reveal it one day, when i get free time to write on it.

Do you, living in KMB, make me to fall in love, not to fall in love with someone, but with the hectic life. It trains me to be a all-rounded guy, nothing is impossible, impossible is nothing some says. Yet, i know, this is my journey, whatever takes place beside me is to be considered one of the challenges from Allah, the All-knowing. Allah wants us to be a great leader in this world, to deliver the messages of Islam towards everything that lives in the Earth.

Living in Islam will make us to smile always. Good deeds will be judged accordingly, and vice versa. I love to be here, in Islam. There are not other religion better than Islam. Islam is the only way of life to get the great success!

Again, my reflective, enough for now, KMB is very hectic place, but one thing, never give up, and always bear in mind, you are mature enough to be great man in this world. Allah always be with us!