Thursday, December 18, 2008

WHat did i do last two weeks..

In examination hall before going home, KN with his style

This post is specially posted by me, i do not why, but maybe my intention just wants to reflect what i had done for the last two weeks. Well, Holiday seems to be like holiday.

It was on Friday, 6 December of 2008, sharp on 4 o'clock in the evening, my flight departed leaving the LCCT with a dramatic atmosphere to me. The flight flew over above my college, which made me so difficult to forget what i had gained when i was in KMB. Thousands of memories, hundreds of experiences, enjoyment and sadness mix together. Yet, thinking that, i'll come there again for the next year made me remain calm. KMB wait, i'll come!!!

An AirAsia flight: Now, everyone can fly!

Above the sky: a picturesque scene

I was with Zahid who returned home with me, we left together from LCCT, taking AirAsia. The journey from LCCT back to Alor Star took about only 55 minutes. Arrived at Alor Star, Sultan Abdul Halim Airport, i was lifted by my parents and my sisters and also two of my little cute nephews. I felt so relieved, I have to reveal one thing; to speak frankly, i felt so miss to all my family. It did not happen to me when i was at MRSM Langkawi previously, i do not know why. Perhaps, maybe i was staying further from my home, and so could not go home often. The feeling of happiness wrapped me when i was in my home.

Happy to meet my girl friend, perhaps, i treat her very nice, she is a girl,haha..

Day moved on to another day, where my routine at home was quite the same, start in the morning i wake up at 6 o'clock, and sometime till 6.30 am. If i wake early, my prayer would be in the mosque, just situated about 100 metres from my house, if not only at home. I love to perform my prayers in the mosque rather than do it at home, home makes me so lazy..

So, after taking bath, Subuh Prayer, i prefer a cup of coffee or nescafe; enough to release me from sleepy condition. Then, seating down of my study table and my study begins. Usually i spend on it about one to two hours. If i feel so boring, sort of boredome, my laptop, my books accompany me. Then I read Malay A1 Novel. ( another one novel to be covered: Kalbu) 

My beloved Laptop, Online 24-hours ( A cup of coffee there)

My Study table: All Plans and strategies take place here (another two cup of coffee there)

When, my mind becomes saturated at home, i would go out and take a ride. My motorcycle, i mean my brother's motorcycle will become my friend. Kangar, Jitra and Alor Star are my destinations, walking around, surveying on Laptop maintainance, buying new clothes, and other things that pop-up in my mind.

 Another cool picture caught somewhere in Kuala Perlis

This is not a "mat rempit" action model: riding is my hobby-looking for nice snap!

A lot of things i had done! i did not know how to describe it, just make me more complicated thinking on it. Nevertherless, one thing that i should highlighten is wathcing "wayang kulit" at my father's school. He is a headmaster of one of a achool here. So, i follow him to watch it, and what an interesting performance: it made me to laugh when listened and watched it, the dialect or the slang used was really a pure kedahan.. example:  " Pak tam oi.. Aku tengalung hang satgi, terpele'ot hang", means " Oi Pak Tam (one's name), i'll beat you till you fall down helplessly", reminds me to my origin. Nice, and sounds good.

When "wayang kulit" came to a school, people flooded all the way

Spotanious action; made everyone to laugh

I think that's all for now, maybe i will come out with another cool story after this post, just need to find some leasure to write it on. Tomorrow, i'll attend my first activity of CAS on this holiday, which is at Taman Sinar Harapan, treating less fortunate people: next couple of day, i'll be at Melaka, to be at Biotek Institut. Bye...