Friday, December 19, 2008

New touching Story:Taman Sinar Harapan

Today was like an amazing bursting when finishing the first day of CAS today in Taman Sinar Harapan. Wow! Absolutely i leanrt a new thing, oops, this is not a CAS evaluation report ok, ( Most IB learner know about this one) YEs, I said again, I really learnt a new thing today, lets me extravagant on my leisure time tonight to write this report, it is worthwhile, so that those who read this will gain it too, i promise i try my best to tell to all of you guys.

A liltte description about Taman Sinar Harapan; it was established in Jitra, Kedah since 2005 and started to opereate with about 150 occupants, made of different backgruonds: Hyperactive, Dowm Syndrome, Cancerious decease (big head), Cerebral Palsy, and special case (under the order of judiciary or court). With the facilty provided by " Kebajikan Masyarakat", the occupants will be treated nicely so that they can continue their life- in relation to the meaning of its name; 'Sinar Harapan' or Light of hopes.

Today, In the morning 9 o'clock sharp, we, with the strength of ten people gathered to listen to an officer who incharged to take the shift for the day, we called him 'abang' Fazli, a nice and smart guy, guided us a lot in introdudction to the new environment. 

First thing we did was to look over the place, meet with the occupants and had a simple breakfast. Then, we continued our session by taking care the children there and let them to play.The 'heavy task' in the morning was to help the care-taker fed on the 'static uccupants' who could not move and had to stay only on their bad for their whole life. In my heart, i did know what to say, there were some occupants who had to be tied with rope, locked in caged, and the smell there was absolutely would made you to loss your appetite! Their actions would make you to run away from them, their scream would scare you, and anything else. But with a high spirit, we made ourselves to be brave and confident, nothing would stop us to help them, we are us.

Look! Scott was feeding on an occupant there! You are great Scott! Good job!

You see, there was always joyful faces in them 

That was for in the morning, or slightly can be called as Ice breaking session. Then, after praying Jumaat prayer, we had luch and searched for stuffs that required for the evening session, which was making a "wau" or a kite. What a nice there to enjoy making 'wau' or kite which i consider most of people today know nothing how to make a kite, but then we tried our best. Futhermore, when i was still young, since i grew up in 'Kampong' area, and I really know how to make a good kite and it did. Just plucking my finger; eating nuts, haha. And you know what, the kite that i made did fly!!! My efforts was working.. End for today..
Wanna play a drum set??? What hits you wanna listen~?

Scott found his new buddies there, he was chased!!!

1,2, and 3! Snap! Gotcha!

Here comes to the most important part of my life that i will reveal to all of you, just now, all about what had happened roughly on this day, yet this one will potray out my feeling, my sense: my humanitarian. This part that you should pay more attention guys. 

I jusy want to pick one of parts of my experiences today. When i came into a room in the morning, which Abang Fazli guided us, I met a baby, a very cute baby to me, absolutely cute- her name is Nurul Iman (real name) and there is no father's name; perhaps, but, i did not whether there is a father's name or not and i did not ask it. From my observation, she was around 5-8 month baby, still freash and her neck still not so strong; i know from that situation. Usuallly baby who is still young will have a weak neck muscle. 

Syamil was putting Nurul Iman in his chest, she is cute.

So, after looking other babies too, i left them and came there again in the evening. Then, i approached the baby again and then she cried. A nurse or a care-taker there said that Nurul iman ( the baby0 wanted to be hold. So i put her up and hold her. ( you know right how a baby being hold) The matter of fact is that the care-taker then told us that Nurul Iman's mother is the same age as mine, i mean 18 years old mother. So, in my mine keep thinking what's wrong? Is it normal today, there always have girls marry at an ealy age right.. I stopped for a while, and become more weird.  Why? i asked again just in my mind. Then, for a while the care-taker spoke out and told us her mother was raped! Her mother was raped when she came home from the school. What?! What?! My heart was shaky.

For the momment, it was like a fire burning in my heart, forcing me to feel a sense of angry mixing with other humanitarian. Oh my god~! I am holding a babt produced from a raping! Oh my God.. Indeed this girl (baby) is not fault at all, she is innocent, so Please God, provide her shelter, give her care and never lets her down for her future. Something really stabbed mt heart! That made me like to cry, I hold it. I hold it.. I cannot imagine how such the baby to be left alone in this world, without someone helps her, but her sake was there in Taman Sinat Permai, she will beacome a goos gilr one day, i praise for her, please praise for her too. I know, it was not easy for her mother who gave birth an unwedlock baby- after being raped. Still, Nurul iman is a human, and she needs a mother, she needs care, she needs mother's touch, which most of baby born today got it. Oh my GoD, again i pray for you!.. Give her light of hope. And damn it for the raper!( I have to say this bad word, please forgive me)  enough! that'all, 

to be continued..

Trivia of the DAY.. NaA...What's that Kamal doing??? Posing or refueling??


Anonymous said...

tiada kata yang dapat menggambarkan perasaan selain untuk aku berkata;

"aku tersentuh"

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

San, Thanks for reading it. I don know how to describe it, but really if you are touching, inside my heart more than it.. It makes me to feel so lucky and grateful to be born in this world. Alhamdulillah..

Syamil said...

aku angkat baby tu..
n kereta kamal isi tu..kereta aku..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

syamil.. aku angkat gak tau, haha.. neway, aku sgt sedih dan pilu.. hanya Allah yg tahu..

eerRR.. trivia of the day has been revealed something..haha

Anonymous said...


Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haha, akmal, aku lupa nak tgkap gambaq ang ngn adik hang la..

tu la, len kali duk lama cket kat citu..

Akmal Hayat said... len tgkp ja..hg tlps..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

rugi terlepas ngn aku, kalo x sure gambaq ang da terpampang kat sini aku iklankan. haha

Akmal Hayat said...

hahah..xpayah..aku tamau gmbq tu diiklankan..mna sama pn mka budak tu dgn muka aku..

agpa mmndy ja

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

weyh, serius ar, perangai pun hampir sama, x cya ang ley tanya scott, pdaud, syamil or kamal.. betoi ar, aku saksi.. muka ada ar cket2..

Akmal Hayat said...

weh..kalo muka bley thn lg rr..

perangai tu..hahah..agak2 rr..mna da sama..ak p td x sma pn

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haha, orang kata xkenal x tAHU ( Aku ubah cket pribahasa nih)

dia awal2 pndiam ja, pastuh bila dah kamching ok ar.. mmg nampak ar aura2 hang. haha.. betoi... da la ckp pun loghat kedah dah..

Akmal Hayat said...

hg sorg ja kata gitu..yg len dak pn..hg pkt ngn geng2 laki len kn? hahah..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haha, apa pulak, aku x pakat la.kalo da betoi buat apa aku nak buat crita, lagipun, junior hang tu dia normal la, cuma dipinggirka sebab slow learner dlm akademik ja..

Akmal Hayat said...
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Hidayatullah said...

mengapa kamu suma Cas minded ya
juz kidding
good job kedah-ian+perlisian
wat cas tmpt2 ginie
kalau KL-ian..
wat cas kat KLCC je

Liyana said...

nih kwan akmal.*ngee~
nak sampuk skit.
ak dl stu sek ngan die..satu kelas ngan die...
so tau sngt perangai dia nih..
kalu tengok gmbar tuh..
mmg ada yang meh2 skit muke die..
kalu perangai pulak..
mmg sah! same... bleh nmpk wlaupn skilas pndang...

*hohohoh..akmal, jgan marah yea...*wink*~

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

akmal hayat, tengok, kan aku da ckp, haha.. thanks liyana. akhirnya aku ada bukti gak.. yes!!! akmal hayat junior...

Anonymous said... pakatan nih..

to liyana:
tu akmal hayat yg dlu..yg ni he new one..hahah

aloppz said...

cam best jerk g sana...

Anonymous said...

haha, akmal hayat ada dua ker???? cayalah...

Anonymous said...
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