Tuesday, December 16, 2008

To Whom Our Heart Belongs To?

In the name of Allah, I begin my words...

To whom it may concerns,

When the light Of The Heaven Came to Makkah, brought by someone who had been given tasks to treat evils, guide human kinds to the truth path, He was The Prophet Of Muhammad, thaught us to be a good servant to the Lord of The World And The Heaven. Praise and worship to Allah everytime and anytime.

 In the morning of prosperity, Allah provides us with the shining and sparkling of The Sun. By then, the whole cycle of an organism continues rapidly, performing the routine day to day. Allah, The Lord of Human Kinds, Gives us rain so that we will be able to live and earn water everyday. The animals that we eat, the plants that we consume them, may not survive without water, the most fantastic creation to human beings. Allah, Grows all the life; even a plant without permission of Allah, it would not grow. The underwater creatures in the sea, the whales, the turtles and even everything that living, may not alive without the oxygen perfectly created to dissolve in water. 

The oxygen we consume, the air that we breath into our lungs, the lungs that we have, the blood that functions, the cells that become a basic of unit in life, the organelles, the mitochondria that generate energy, the protien synthesised by ribosome, then, the carbon, hydrogen, oxygen elements, the atom itself, the The electron that surrounds the proton,and the nothingness:  Everything, those are things that we do not think and we do not appreciate ont the powerful and mercy creation of Allah. Even, by losing one proton in one element, all the functions, elements, organs, systems, life, organisms; just now will jeopardize! 

Oh mankind, We belongs to Allah. Allah created us with a complex, perfect creation, powerful mechanism, superb intelligent to think of, magnificent role. Oh mankind, Our heart should only belongs to Allah...