Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A trip back to MJSC Langkawi

Actually, i should write this post early, about two month ago but due to my restricted time, i was quite hectic to be in KMB, so sometimes i lost my opporturnity to write on it.Nevertherless, i'll write it out!

It was assumely three month ago that i had received a letter from my prevous college, MJSC Langkawi ( MARA Junior Science College aka MRSM) which asked me to attend on a simple award ceremony in reward of getting straight A's 1 in SPM. Actually, it was a time when i was still in KMB. My ex-batch, Infineighters, at KMB, decided we would go it in whatever situation. After settling all the procedures in KMB, we, departed from KMB, consist of several guys and girls walking under the dazzling rain with anxiety.

We took a bus and then we continued our journey by taking ERL to KL sentral. From there we moved on to Jalan Duta. The night was a long journey, having to walk together, chatting all the way, and promissing a pretty atmosphere. and lastly managed to reach at Jalan Duta, where the express bus awaited for us. The bust departed.

Together we walk, in the night of travelling, somewhere around KL

In the next morning, we arrived at Kuala Perlis Terminal, about 4.30 am in the morning. Our Ferry was on 8 o'clock. About the ticket of the ferry, it seemed that the price of the ticket increased a lot, RM 18 per head. I think during i studied in MRSM Langkawi, the price is around RM12-15 per head. Yet, for student, i got only Rm 10. Nevermind, things always change, plus with the increasing oil price and the worsen inflation.

When three guys return home to their 'homeland', they'll pose again

What a happy feeling to be here again, Langkawi, an island of peace, full of picturesque atmosphere and scenes. The cold, and refreshing breezes really tied me off to the memoirs I had here. My journey continued, We rent a car, just a Proton Iswara, RM 50 per day. Arrived at our appartment provided by the college, we slept in tiredness. We took some rest.

A visit to my previous hostel, a place where i stayed two years ago

Nice shot in front of Dataran Lang

The evening was a free moment, we travelled to some places like being at Dataran Lang; waiting for other friends to arrive. On that night, it was like a party, a lot of things happened, being frightened by the police's spot-check, dying of car engine during climbing 45 degress of slope, and driving without licence tragedy. ( for inquiry, ask me personally, haha)

What a splendid catch!! Nice pose before going to the ceremony
Syauqan, Puwe, Scott, and Me

Long enough to write all the things. The next the day was the climax, the ceremony started. After the rewards were given, we were enjoyed by special menu, which i consider very nice and tasty. I just ate 'Sate', a lot of 'sate'.. a nice ceremony i think, i was able to reconnect to my friends which they are now studying at different places, and the best was to meet my teachers. Love so much.

Who is this? Haha, with my dedicated PJK teacher, Pak Syed.. Respect him so much

A'a.. not with my 'Girl Friend', hehe withmy beloved homeroom teacher.

On the late evening, we departed home. Altough the journey was very costly, the journeys potrayed out the feeling of being together, friendship, in opposing any hardships. "Bye bye MRSM langkawi... hope to come here soon"


a h u y y said...

mne gmbr duit yang ko dpt..??

Hidayatullah said...

duit mne duit?

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...


haha, lupa lak aku nak snap gambar duet tuh.. rugi2.. neway, duit tuh aku da blanja beli coklat lgkawi ja.. kih2, abeh kat rm100 jer untuk coklat.. x caye tnya Naz (roomateku)..seminggu dia kenyang ngn coklat. haha..

Syamil said...

gambar aku x banyak..
edit balik..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

syamil, ok da la tuh ada gambar ang cket..

mana ley kaco daun..

miraman said...

scott in memory..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...


ha?? scott dalam memori?? mmg pun.. gambar dia byk dalam memory card nih..

miraman said...

(= pandai amin..think i lose him as one of my kind buddies..quiet sad..xpela..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

ye ker??

hrm.. its okay, you still have other frenzss..

let bygone be bygone..

n let fly like peterpan with the thinkerbell dust...

fly, i am fly!!!!