Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bloody of blood

Again this post, i just wanna to share apart of my little experience being in KMB. Apart that will not contribute a lot to human life, but it suggests me to feel satisfaction by doing something that outdoing my normal mind. It is about my first time of being a blood donator. I am a haemophobia. i am quite scared of looking on blood. 

Yet, it depends on the situation, if it happens to me, i mean if the blood oozes out from my body, it is okay, but then if it comes out from out from other man's body, OMG.... I can't really look at it. I keep imagine how pain the person feels. Nevertheless, it is just my wrong perception. 

Waiting to donate is some kind of forcing lot of adrenaline

Peace, not pain at all..


The moral here is that, always do something that unusual but beneficial. it teaches you to be a kind person and serves for the society.. Learn, Live and love IB..


Anonymous said...

hahaha, too bad i'm a little bit too 'under-the-weight' to donate my blood!hohoho~~

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

makan byk2 san..

sky pirate said...

the bloodnator!! i wish i can donate my blood...

luckily there is no vampire sitting next to you! \o/