Friday, November 21, 2008

Another weekend of freedom

A weekend which i consider more than freedom. I mean, it was a weekend i spent to relax my mind, as usual.. As a student of Mara College Banting, being busy is one thing, plus with another kind of pressures like have to attend JPA3, do lab report, prepare for the next presentation, sometime my brain becomes saturated with all academic and other sort of things.

After jumaat's prayer, my friend and i departed from our college, waited for a bus to come. Unfortunately, i had to wait for about 2 hours waiting for the bus, what a very bad luck.. yet, our journey continued. We arrived at putrajaya central, and from there we took ERL to go to Bandar tasik selatan.When six guys combine spirit of patience, just waiting for the arrival of ERL

Look at it!!! Haha, a nice post for nice shot.. Before maghrib's prayer

On the night was the party! after having a dinner, we walked around the KL, moving to Low Yatt other interesting place. What i can say is that. i really 'jump' in into real society, where i can see vast different od scenario happens around me without i know when i am 'trapped' in KMB. Corruptions, social problems and bad things seem to be familiar int athe atmosphere of KL.

not so high.. looking high in front og petronas twin tower

Continue, i travel to Suria KLCC, and watched a movie there. MADAGASCAR!!!
I like to move it..move it.. Haha, what a tickle story, very funny and i enjoyed it so much.

1.17 am in the morning.. PEACE..

I slept in a mosque, just near to klcc. ( first time sleeping in mosque) However, it was a great experience to have it once in a life, which i feel like a PATI ( Pendatang Tanpa Izin)- Someone who come into malaysia without permission. The next morning we moved back. What a very exciting experience!!


Ezlan mohsen said...

bagus bagus. Camtu laa caranya. Kalau duduk kat dalam kmb je boleh beku otak.

Goodluck exam sem 1.

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

yup2.. tol2.. kalo terlalu terperuk study, mmg otak pun jammed..

thanks majin..

Syamil said...

baru aku baca post ni..
first time amin langgar peraturan..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haha.. pe plak peraturan.. biasa ja..

ni la orang kata sebagai "terjun dalam realiti masyarakat.."

Hidayatullah said...

bes siot ari 2
siap iktikaf kat msjd lg.
lg2 tgk madagascar
bpk lawak

Anonymous said...

pergh...berjalan. ahaha
salam aidiladha.
n happy hols. 1 month hols is simply not enurf for kmbians..