Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I was tagged by Ahuy!!!

The night is still young, the dark darken then atmosphere, the whole world of here losing the light, waitng for the day of tomorrow. i am now writing this post when people are busy at their room, chatting, perhaps, still there is somebody still eating at the DS (cafeteria). I am now at my class room, alone, listening nothing except the rapid swing of the fans. Being here, i mean at KMB, my time is limited, the assigment can pressure everyone, the nervous of havinf tests out of tests always wait and wait. And you have to be strenght in whatever situation, your mind should be always positive. These are apart of my principals when i am in KMB. 

Proceed to my real objective, when i opened my blog, i found that ihad been tagged by Ahuyy. So, its okay, nevermind, i'll try to write it as simple as possible in this post. He wanted me to write seven thing about myself, either it is weird, unusual or whatever.

To me...

1) When i do or did something.. i'll make sure the thing that i do or i did will bring me benefits. And i am can be considered as someone who strive the best to achieve my own goal. 'my word is my law'.. 

2) I believe that... everyone is a kind person, even the look so scary from their face. To me face reflects nothing. Somehow, i've always to be carefull. When i believe that everyone is kind, i develop a feeling og kindness in my heart. i'll pray for everyone who interact with me, yes everyone so that they'll achieve the success in this world and the hereafter.

3) i love to speak to myself... it is a king of internal talk that always says to me to be always being a positive person. it always motivate me. So, do not hesitate to me if you see me do not talking. Yet, my mind always thinking and 'talking'.

4) If i lost my control, i mean in the way of my manner, i am be able to keep myself silent and therefore i'll always keep annoying others using a very simple word but means a huge meaning to the person that i annoyed. It is not my habits, but i do it to create a better atmosphere, a more hilarious condition instead of being silent, not chatting and show bad modd to each other, it is my way..

5) i do not know if everyone looks me like i am not gamer ( someone who love to play computer game). In reality, i do  really love. And i am really like it so much. Somehow, i only play it when it comes in a long school holiday. i'll play all day long and all night long!!.Yet, when it comes to school day, i've to stop it. If not, just wait for bad result..

6) I do not love being angry.. i will not! my experience has taught me a lot. Being angry is not apart of me. It is a 'syaitanah'. In certain cases when i lost my control, i'll not say out all 'bastard' word, all kind of bad words, it is a rude, and it is not me! i'll never say it, my parents did not teach me and even in my whole life, i have never said it out even a word.

7) Look!, it is now the last point, i think i want to tell you that, always pray to God. Ask for what you want, u will never regret.. believe me. Ok, practice it in your life.. I love to pray, it make me more happier...

That's Ahuy.. I have answered your tagged. it is time for me to go to surau to pray, then continue my agenda to disscuss on business presentation with my friends.. Next, continue my revision for the Second Chemistry Test tomorrow..