Saturday, October 4, 2008

When old friends met together

This post i am focussing on my simple meet but joyfull with my old friends. As usual when 'hari Raya' comes, i will go to my old friend's house. They, my friends, are from ex-SMKDSA, Sekolah Menengah Dato' Sheikh Ahmad. I do not know why when we met again, the feeling of satifaction and calmness popped out in my mind. 

Yesterday was my visit to Hafifi's house, his house is somewhere in Arau, Perlis situated about 5 km from my house. I went there with my cousin, who is the same age as mine, His name his khairul and everyone calls him 'Own'. We arrived at Hafifi's house; after shaking hand and giving salam with the people there, we had some chatting, in the mean waiting for others to arrive. Yet, Siti Amirah was there early. She is a nice girl and was my classmate since i was form two. 

After a momment later, Awatif arrived with his 'Spectra', a car, accompanied by Cik Nena like a couple being together. What a shock! Anyway, it is nothing, just a tickle gossip. Just being friend. Zaihasfikrie arrived with his 'Kawasaki' a motorcycle. Everyone was there and i started to make myself feeling more comfortable. Hafifi had prepared for us with his mother special menu- 'Mee Curry' and 'Tomato Rice'. It looked so scrumptious and tasty. 

While eating we were chatting and asking each other about each of own life. Everyone looked so happy and enjoyed the delicious foods. Then, Siti Nazira, and other friends like Che Pah and Rosliana appeared in front of the door with a little bit shy. They joined us.

Last but not least, Siti Nazira invited us to go to her home. After several doubts, lastly, we decided to go to her house even though i was quite full on that time; thinking that i have to eat again. A momment later Kok Long seemed to reveal his face and everyone was shocked with his silent appearing .
The light of happiness burst out from eveyone face

A nice catch for sweet Malay young growing girls

The presence of Kok Long cheered up the atmosphere. From left is Kok Long, Nazira and me.

Beside me was Zaihasfikrie, my close and beloved friend, we were always be together long time ago.

In short, i think the reunion was a very meaning one to us. Each of us has continued studied abroad with different form of fields. We had learnt together and had been together for almost years. We recognised each other well. Hopefully the spirit of being friend will tighten our bond toghether.