Sunday, October 5, 2008

A simple outing at Banting

So long i do not write about my life at KMB, i feel quite unfair for not to write it in this post, so i write it!
Well, when public holidays come, it is like a happiness always oozes out from inside everyone's heart. The painful waiting was an absolute inferior to everyone.

It was in the morning of Saturday. I had received some tasks by Ateh or his name is Fadzrel, my classmate and also acting as my boss; a business club president, he got a problem that day. He said he was grounded, a term that always scared by the students there. It is a term means you cannot go for any outing due to your faults. So, he passed me a job, a task to buy several stuff for business club. i took it, a small matter.

My friends, Keypet, KN, Skem, several other guys and I got out early on that morning. We had to walk about half kilometre to arrive at a bus stop. This is some kind of torturing for those who had been in KMB. To go for outing, you have to walk first to get a bus, if not, other way is by calling a taxi; more comfortable means more cost. A momment waiting at the bus stop- a bus came and we took off. 
Waiting for the bus was a big deal; boredom

Banting is a developed urban. Even though it is not big as other urbans, i think it provides sufficient accomodations for the students to buy any needs and stuffs. The most important thing is, there are many banks there, easen us to withdraw out money.

Arrived there, we ate two famous foods at banting ever known by me, "rojak banting' and 'cendol banting' promoted by roomate, Naz aka KhairulNaim. Undeniably, those foods were very delicious, unspeakable. About the price, it was quite reasonable and cheap. A plate of 'rojak Banting' only cost RM 3 while a bowl of 'cendol Banting' costs RM1!

'Rojak Banting'-Delicious, quite spicy and juicy

'Cendol Banting'-Sweet and Creamy

Thinking that, time was still young, an idea came out by Skem. "Lets go to play bowling!!" he said joyfully. Well, everyone seemed to be hypnotized and gave out a big smile. We played bowling at the nearest complex, beside The Store supermarket. Two games were enough to feel the satisfactions after more than an hour there, showing each own skills throwing the bowling and crushed down the pins. A nice day on that day, i got the third place in the bowling turnament, thingking it was okay; i am not professional.

From Left: KN and Me

After that, we continued our subject which was to buy all the required stuff. Fazli, my classmate was busy finding his stuff to make 'kek batek' for class project.  I got the order to buy some cans of fruit coctails, 'Ramly Burger meats', Curry and other things that i had forgotten. 

This is not the Real Mawi! Keypet, my neighbour-roomate

Before returning home, well, actually it was the last day for us to enjoy eating, the next day was fasting day. So, we decided to eat at KFC there. I decided not to, my stomach had already full due to 'rojak Banting'. Still, Skem, Kn, Scott and others enjoyed their foods.

Eating for satisfaction, not Desire

A stylish and unique posing by each of us

OopS!! Just ignore him.. [mawi world]

After we returned home to Kolej MARA Banting. On that night, the feeling of muscle cramping and other sort of hurting things burst out! Yet, I still performed my first complete 'terawih' at Kolej MARA Banting's mosque. 


Anonymous said... nice to know the activity (the outting thingy of a KMB students) much fun!

if any how i get to go to Banting, please be my tour guide !_!...the cendol is really mouth-watering...haha

i can't sleep! too tired!

a h u y y said...

tegelak tgk gmbr die je..

crixerity said...

aahahaha.kepet lawak seyh...
rojak banting atau rojak je??agagaa,,,,

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

to exuberant_lala:

Come on to Banting, i'll be your loyal tour guide, haha..

yes, Cendol banting tastes nice..

Neway, watch your health.. get enough sleep..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

to ahuyy:

haha, serius2, aku pun tgk kepeyt x ley bla..

geli sgt ati nwyh..

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

to amirul:
haha, sepatutnya rojak je, tapi sebab kat banting, sje potray out 'rojak banting"...