Friday, October 3, 2008

Empire of Faith

From history, it is stated Islam had shown its success in managing human civilisations. We can see how the Islamic country grew bigger and bigger until it dropped back during Uthman Empire.

The civilisation brought thousands of development in raising human civilisation. The Islam was a foundation in creating vast of different starting technology. Islam also worked as a leader in promoting the studying in many kind of subjects  found today, like biology, chemistry, mathematics and philosophy. 

All of these great achievements will not come out without having a huge impetus in driving of the success. The impetus was faith, that had been put in every muslims' heart by the PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW. 

No one know where and when the civilisation will appear again in the middle of bad crisis in bad perception on Islam nowadays. But believe it or not, the civilisation that had been brought by islam one day ago will not be vanished silently itself; instead of that, many historian believed the civilisation will appear again: not like other civilisation. This is because Islam had left its follower with two great sources to create again the EMPIRE OF FAITH- Qoran and Hadith.

When the follower has started to realise about those two sources, and take it as their way of life. Watch out! Even a great man will become startle seeing Islam. It is not Islam forces for violence, not at all, the charisma of Islam will attract many people to embrace it.

Do not hesitate to believe this statement, Islam is not a weird religion, it is a universal reliogion which has different approaches for different races. It is a religion that encourages prosperity.
Do not look on the followers but look on the contents of Islam.