Monday, October 6, 2008

Returning to KMB

After almost two weeks of holidays, lastly, this night, i have to pack all my stuffs to bring home to KMB. It seems that i have many things to repack, well, including my 'ole-ole' which are some cookies or 'Kuih raya' given by my mother.  Soon, there will be a simple celebration for Raya Day at my college; i will not miss it by letting all 'kuih muih' left out at mt home.

All my homeworks, i think, I have finished it all. I got less homework this holiday. Nevertherless, one thing always pop out in my is the Semester Examination that will come out soon, about less than two month from now. So, strategies have to be devised and a lot of works waiting for me. 
Tomorrow, my flight is at 8.30 am; from Alor Star to KLIA LCCT, and estimated arrival at 9.40 am. From there i have to call on En. Suzaili, the one who always incharge in taking out the students from KLIA LCCT. 

Perhaps, this is my last update. At KMB, i think it took me some sacrifices to update, yet i'll try. 
So, please leave me any message in the comment post or in the shoutout box if there is any question or information. Thanks. 


a h u y y said...

bagus2 dah packing..
erk..cuak gle sem1 nye exam.

Anonymous said...

ok good luck in your xm...ganbatte kudasai!

owh my life will turn dull again when there will be no more posts from you T_T...

still can't sleep...

i'll be going to pangkor this friday (never stop spreading this news to every people around me @_@