Saturday, October 18, 2008

Studying for another three weeks before examination

This post, i deliver specially to my junior who asked me how according to my experience: Studying for another three weeks before examination. Well, this is my own secret recipe og doing success. Perhaps, anyone else also has differet style in study for examination. So, Don't be too strict to follow my step because it is up to you right.

First thing first, as i understood, you have encounter many years studying and learning hard workingly, did all your best for each test. Right now, you will face the last challenge part of your SPM. Nevertherless, you should never give up in learning until you die. One a famous name has said; "when i want to cut a huge tree, the first three minutes i will do nothing except sharpen my axe". It mean, you have to be well-prepared before you face up with something. The Question is How?? 

Being Alone Doesn't Mean YOu Neglect Others
Thus, to me, myself, i did separated myself from other during last preparation of studying. For instance, i did make myself to be alone too. I went to use the most "strategic place" which an "iron room" ot the highest floor. Everyone notice me that i separated myself. Yet, when i met them, i did excuse them and  chat with them nicely. Then, i continued my job. 

Prepare your Brain!
Perhaps, you do not know how superb is our brain. Try to imagine this by closing your eyes:
 ' when you return to your home, you see your mother is at the kitchen, and you approach her. You can see she is taking a lemon, a yellow round lemon. Then she put it on a table, she take a blade and slice the lemon. You can see the sour water droplet oozes out from the lemon. She squeeze the lemon hardly and put it into a glass. The smell of the sour from the lemon touch your mouth. It taste so sour...' 

Perhaps, your mouth has become watery with saliva right now. yes, it is true. Your brain acts faster than you can even think This reveal the power of imagination.

What i am trying to say is that, by imagining your success for the future you will be able to motivate yourself effectively. Always try to motivate yourself by saying like this, in your heart: " Yes, i can do the best!. I am a superb learner!, No body can stop me from success!, Whatever i had remembered and learnt will come out when i need it!..

Set your goal; Divide and conquer
What i mean by setting your goal is, when you seat on your chairm before continuing studym remember to set your goal for the study. For example when you want to read on biology, i want to understand totally on genetic, ( how does transcription of DNA takes place n ect.)
This is so vital, it helps you to focus on your study easily. you don have to keep opening other side of the books and make your mind become blurred. Remember always divide and conquer.

Just right for now.. I will write another tips for the next post. For your information, my juniors, here at KMB we are quite busy with many assignments, and that is IB that you want to know. but then, every prgramme too, make the students busy. Just prepare yourself k.. Do not worry so much if you did not straight A's in MARA trial. Believe me, a lot of my friends, who did bad in MARA trial, had proven, the could do the best ang got straight A's or even straight A's 1! If they can do, You can do it too.