Monday, October 27, 2008

Lets the burdens go..

I do not know how to start on this post. Getting free leisure time here is something beneficial to me, yet promising  nothing. That's why I rather choose to update my blog in the morning of when people always closing their eyes and keep dreaming. Come on! I'll tell my litle story.

Being at Mara College Banting, is something interesting on the ears of everyone. But, ThE Burdens will never end here. A lot of assignments plus the study require me to put my time wisely. Yet, as a muslim, I'll never regret on what i am doing. 

Sometimes, when you feel you need to relax yourself, just do it. Do not push yourself and outdo the limitation. 

Go for outing, the easiest way to calm down, be with my friends..
Enjoy your study, it is worthwhile..

And always dream the future when you have nothing to do.

Just be cool, relax, and optimistic...


Anonymous said...

hahaha.i simply love the photo of mine there!hohoho

p/s mari memancing untuk kehidupan!

a h u y y said...

kne tagged!..
gi blog aku