Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Return to the Origin, Aidil Fitri

Ramadan taught us the meaning of patience, willing, and being a great servant to Allah. Allah promised us with apologizing all the sins via Ramadan. All the sins will be vanished if and only if a muslim obey all the Allah's orders in ramadan.

So, what is the significant of great syawal?
Why people are celebrating it in amusement, with big smile, sweet faces? The feeling of eternity and sensation of satisfaction that comes out from Ramadan are obvious.

AidiFitri, defined as return to the origin, which like we are born again. Having no sins and falses as white as a very new white clothe.
This is Islam; a religion that prepares all the followers with a very magnificent present. 

Lets us return to the origin, and star a new life cycle for the next challenging stuff.