Thursday, October 2, 2008

We got two things, so we have to think

Nice title isn't it?

I do not how this title suddenly crushed on my mind and force me to write about. 

What i want to mean by the title is that, we actualy have both brain and consciousness, so we have to spend some of our time to think about it, just simply take about five minutes to think about it. 

So, what is a brain??
Simply anyone can define it is an organ which function to think, and control all the nervous system in human being. What is the astonishing fact about this human superbiocumputer???

These are the facts guys:

Did you know you have, 

  • trillions upon trillions of brain cells
  • one hundred billions neurons in your thinking brain
  • twenty thousand possible connection between neurons
  • seven 'intelligence'
  • four wavelenght of brain wave patterns
  • three brain in one
  • three basic modalities
  • two sides to higher brain, and 
  • one brain- everybody has one!

Another point is the concsiousness. Well, this thing is not involved with using brain. Believe it or not, even you have died, you still in concsious. This is what we call as our soul, eternity. It is always concsious. Think about it guys.. maximise their usage and improve yourlife!