Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Open House, good or bad?

Since Ramadan, the fasting month passed by, Syawal appeared to the scene of happy atmosphere to most muslims over the world. The month of ramadan is a 'madrasah'; learning centre to train muslims for the next challenge year. 

Well, every country has diferent style celebrating the Raya DAY. Malaysian are people who love to make 'open house'. It is a ceremony of our culture that lets every people to taste and enjoy many sort of delicious and scrumptious foods. 

Socially, it is good to practice, tightening the relationship betwen each other. By developing such bond means to create a calm and peace atmosphere.


Hm.. this is something weakness in malay culture that i see. May be they have forgotten about what Ramadan had taught them, be moderate not to eat too much. By the way, perhaps, to them, Syawal is a festival to eat. They celebrate it by eating!! 

" I am so weird when i come to Malaysia, the people always eat and eat and they love to eat.." may be this is one of saying goes by any foreigner who came to Malaysia. Yet, Asian is the 'Hub of Eating.' It is natural.
Do need to say, not only Malay,even Chinese and Indians did that, eating and eating. That's why most peole suffers from bad diseases such as heart-attack, stroke and diabetese.

So, is good or bad huh??? Err.r..r..


Akmal Hayat said...

Salam Aidilfitri! Jaga pemakanan raya2 nih! ha33..

jgn mkn ketupat byk sgt~ x elok

btw, aku pun sma gak..mnx maap byk2 la no kalo ada tersalah kata, terguris di hati, terbuat papa yg x kna..0-0 eh..

Salam Aidilfitri..
Maaf ZAhir Batin~

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

kdg2, aku riso gak pasal makan nih..

bukan pe, oegi raya umah orang, then disuruh gak makan..

adeh.. xmakan salah.. errr....

h a r i z, H said...

kat joden x de ktupat doe.sedih.mahu ku cari juga.tak berjaya.

inilah realiti apabila anda berada di luar negara yg xde beras pulut.

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

ye ka..
haha.. xpa2, sabar je la..'
tapi aku dengar sana makan lagi best2.. makan daging kambing, roti , bla2..
layan tuh..