Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Salju Sakinah

During this holiday, my time i spent to read several islamic novels. And i found something good behind one of the Novels, Salju Sakinah. Authored by Zaid Akhtar, i wish most of the muslims especially the female should read this one.

For a short briefing, the novel is about a life of a growing girl who continues her tertiary study abroad at the University of Yarmouk, Egypt. Her name is Sumayyah, a name given by her father so that she will become a woman like the real Sumayyah, who struggled hard to defense her faith and akidah towards Allah. She studies there and after that she returns home to Malaysia. Then, new challenges and bad news appeared to her. Her beloved father dies. She has to continue her father intention so that she will manage a company left by him. Even tough she is not being a real ustazah yet, (someone who graduates from Egpyt with Islamic study background will be called Ustazah) she is asked to give and deliver all her knowledges to her villagers. She is acceptable but sometimes there are some do not accept her.

It create new conflict to her since there is her old friend has ashed her to be his wife. She cannot turn it down drastically but she has to tell him and turn it down. At last she manages to solve it. Being alone, her age grows up, most of her friends has ended up their lonely life by marriage. But, how about herself? Is there no one interested to her?

She is shocked by her failure in her examination, and cannot be called as Ustazah. She is so sad, but, her faith forces her to return to University of yarmouk to repeat the failed subject. Unexpectedly, she is asked by someone to be his wife! The one she has met about couple of years ago which has created many sweet and sour events in her life. Alhamdulillah, she gets married. The soul of winter, the coolness (salju) of the atmosphere at the Sakinah (one of a place in Yarmouk) has appealed. That is, Salju Sakinah.

In a nutshell, the novel covers all aspect, and it is really nice to read it. You can fill the atmosphere of being a student, a real growing girl, the life of kampong, and many other things..
Just remember to read it.