Thursday, June 5, 2008

Return from PWTC

Last night, i arrived safely at home. after waiting on th bus for about 6 hour of journey from KL to my hometown Kodiang. About the ceremony at the PWTC, i think it was very nice. i met my friends there, nice, they were with all faces of joyful, cheered up. everyone had met their goal, and know continues for the next destination. i met my principal, he was so happy, without doubt, he was so excited.

i arrived at KL in the early morning. then i had to wait for moments and checked in on 1 pm. The hotel there was quite comfortable, i got to stay at Grand Continental. Laying on the bad caused me to sleep for an exhausted. a moment then, i woke up and took shower. at 5.30 pm, my family and I assembled at the lobby og the hotel to wait for arrival of the bus which will send us to the PWTC. KL was jammed during at that time. Perhaps, people were going home from their job- peak hour. it took about 15 minutes to reach PWTC.

after registration, i met m friends, there were, Shahrul Amri, Aiman Pres, HAickal Kancil, Ali, MEk, and for the girls i saw DAwa, Naddy, Radwa and others.
at 7.30 pm, we enter the hall. At first we had our dinner. haha, actually my stomach was full. anyhow i ate moderately, to fulfill the procedure. then we listen to speech given by MARA director, Datuk Nam Marthinin, followed by Minister of MecD. he told us to be an excellent student who excellent in this world and the world after. There was some brief jokes that made most of the audiences laugh and excited.

then at last, we, students lined up to take the certificate. Before ending, we were entertained by Misha Omar, one of the popular artists. Some sweet songs were dedicated speciall to us. everyone enjoyed the songs deeply. The ceremony ended and the bus took us return to the hotel. I was so tired. I slept soundly.