Friday, June 6, 2008

The Medical Check-Out!

this morning I went to Hospital Tengku Fauziah, Kangar to undergo Medical Check-up.
Actually i was probably in an uncomfortable feeling. Well, my mind keep thinking what will happens if i got caught to HIV positive. Oh NO!! i wouldn't.. haha, that's a part of my worried, but somehow why i must be scared of those innocent thoughts. I am a healthy person, so no need to think about that. kui2..

i registered my name and then met several examiners. Firstly, i took into X-ray room. Less than 5 minutes, settled. Then, i continued to Laboratory to undergo blood and urine tests. it took just about half an hour. ( I peed easily)..
hehe, before i went to HTF, i had drunk a lot of water, hm.. four glasses of water, if i am not mistaken.

so below are some pictures that i took based on the medical examinations.

An image of my X-ray resuts, Look good right? tough..

This one that looks like a tiny pimple is the place where i had been injected..

so, right now, i am relieved. juz try to focus for the next actions according my plans..THe feeling of scared has gone..