Sunday, June 8, 2008

Pictures from PWTC


Alhamdulillah, i had returned home PWTC last week. So, yesterday, my elder brother had uploaded my pictures on one of a website I had downloaded it and found it was okay.
It is now for me to upload it to my blog. Lets enjoy..

Waiting at the lobby of Grant Continental with my mother, bus did not come yet..

I took a chance to snap my picture at this memorial, a simple advertisement but it attracted most people there.

CheeMock with his jerk and funny face.

These are girls that seated with me, at the table of 41th. Quite talkative..This is the most meaningful snap to me, in the middle is my ex-principal who is the principal of MJSC Langkawi right now. The one who is so motivated, caring, and kind-hearted, Mr Mahzan Bin Atan, miss him so much.

This is a picture that was taken after registering, waiting to enter the Hall. From the left is Shahrul Amri, Ali, Me, And Aiman Pres.

This is me with Razrin (medic russian also my homeroomate)

Beside me was Zhafri, from MJSC Mersing, He is nice and cool..

Actually I was quite boring, Look! Syazana!

Scrumptious! Nyummy!! Krog..(my stomach Scream)

The moment of eating! everyone is focus..erm..sometime chatting..

Ha? Who is this? Is this a fake? No..This is real, Misha Omar..Cheerful..

That's All from me.. Really lost patient to go to my college next week to help teacher organize a camp for my beloved juniors! Wait yeah..


Anonymous said...

eh?? ade gambar kte lak dah! wakakaka