Tuesday, June 10, 2008

O' My Lord, Allah

"O' Allah,
I pray for you to accept my ibadah, to vanish my sins, You are the most merciful, My Lord.

O' Allah,
Do not let my heart betray you, do not let me to be hypocrite and do not turn away your Hidayah when You have given it to me, I am nothing, I am your servant, who always forgot on you.

Forgive me, my beloved parents who grows me up kindly, my friends who alway support me and struggle together, my teachers who are so patient teaching me, To All Muslims either those who have died or still alive. "

Those prays, alway flies in my deep heart, searching for hopes.

I write this, it is not because i want to show off. No, I will rather kill myself if I want to do like that.

What i am so concerned is that, I would like the readers who is you, to feel how great to be in Islam. Being in Islam, we can meet with Allah everyday, even five times a day. We pray directly to Allah, there is no any boundary that separates us ( Allah and the servants). We feel like Allah is watching us and we also watch Him. Those who have found the Love of Allah, The reality og this life, The perfectness Of Islam, The Sweetness of Faith, The Merciful of Allah, She or he will never turn away from Islam except for those who disbeliever.

Islam is the way of life, there is no terrorism in Islam for those who really know about Islam. Islam urges its ummah ( the people of Islam) to be kind to each other. Islam is the most perfect Religion in this world. Be within Islam, there is no feeling of scared if and only if we become an obedient believer. There is no loads to follow all Syariat (rule of ISlam) since those rule are created to ease the human beings, it always provides the best solution to any problems. It is syumul ( round-oriented).

Lets be within Islam, lets we increase our faith, follow all the orders and do not do what is banned.

That is all for now, i write this because I love Allah, I love Rasulullah (SAW) and I love Islam..


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.