Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The nervous has come

Last night, i searched for informations about studying IB, what are the subjects I have to learn, the KMB's life, jumping over and over the senior blogs. Fuh!! it was quite boring at first. Somehow when i opened some downloaded files, in format of PDF that contains Business and management subject. So, i read it. Then a moment of stroke came out, a feeling of curiosity had turned out into a feeling of Scared!
My brain confused, my hearth pumped actively, a felt like i lost my world. After a took a relaxation, a deep breath, thinking positively, lastly a managed to fell better.

Actually it is a normal thing to me, to fell anxiety and nervous when it comes a try to learn new thing. i think everybody will feel it! When i scanned the contents of the subject, i became blank and blurred. O' Allah give me meaningful knowledges and ease me to learn new things. this pray always come out in my prayers.

i know, there will be a hardworking job when i step in KMB. i will face the challenge to learn, the hardship of doing assignments, a lot of works!! Will i be ready for all of that?? in my hearth, Allah wishes..

Now, there is still less a month until i enter KMB. on this 3rd July, i have to attend at the PWTC since a got straight A's 1-excellent student awarded by MARA. Alhamdulillah..