Tuesday, May 27, 2008

After SPM gone

After I got my result which was quite good, straight As1, praises to God, I stayed at home for about 6 month waiting for the next destination. During the holiday, i spent most of my time for improving my spiritual, knowledges and self-esteem, which i believe can help me for the next level of my life. I tried so hard to achieve as many as knowledges by reading, watching movies, reading novels. At the first two month of my holiday, i went for taking my driving license and after two month of waiting, at last i passed.

last month I had attended two interview, one for mara and one for Petronas. i also applied for Sime Darby, yet, since the date of the interview was overlapping with Petronas, i chose rather to go to Petronas. it was quite unexpected to me, i was so grateful to Allah because all of my application had been accepted! when thinking about this, sometimes, it comes to my mind that, perhaps, all of these are the tests given by Allah. Who knows, maybe there is always test behind each destiny. I prays everyday so that i can curb all these carefully and not to betray and deny the given by Allah.

Alhamdulillah, it was quite difficult actually in order to decide which one i have to go. it was like a miracle you know, first, i got offer to enter Matrix, then, UIAM, then MARA, and lastly UTP. All of these, i had planned since before SPM. it was like a miracle!

right now, i am at my home. pretty to be an unemployed person. but i think i have found my religion obvious than before the holiday. i learned how to be an inquirer, knowledgeable, independent, humble, honest and i have found my love-ALLAH.
Therefore, i created my blog so that I am able to deliver my messages to others.
if you want to check, enter this site ok >> www.aminrox.blogspot.com. I know, the responsible, DAKWAH, which means, ask for good doings and warn for evil things, is on everybody's responsible. We cannot say bye to it. We are humans, so, we always forget, only Dakwah and advices will reminds us. hence, i choose love as my theme. Love cannot be denied but must be carried into a correct way which is to love Allah.
Just enter my blog there to know more about it.

Overview of my future study, at Kolej MARA Banting, i will take IB for two years. It is quite tough actually, i need to score at least 35/42 to ensure i can get scholarship of MARA. InsyaAllah.

Just for now, hear my regard soon..