Sunday, January 17, 2010


Untuk diabaikan:

Penat saya tunggu Butterscotch kat bilik, xde sorang pun hantaq, memang strategy post kat blog gaga sama skali. Siapa lah yang baik nak kasi.. masih menunggu. Mengidam! haha, ni pun merepek lagi. Xde idea jugak camne nak intro, sebab itu saya merepek sedikit.

By the way, lets forget about the butterscotch for a while. Guys! I found new software which I think will help you a lot as a student, indeed. It is a Freemind.exe, a sofware that efficiently will help you to create a mind map which i thought most of us still do not know how to make working mindmap. Sharing is caring. Therefore, I bring you guys with a sofrtware which will ultimately safe your time and can easily work!

How it works??
Simple, just type all the notes into an organised mind map without you to make complicated and messy connectors on your own, everything is done by computer! Cool!

Comment from Amin Rox: I have been making mind map since i was form three, and usually it takes about two-three hours per topic but with Freemind, my mind is trully free, just take about half and hour, and the remaining time i used for revision the mindmap  I created!

Guys, here I put no charge, all is about sharing. (I got it free too) ^_^

SO, just follow the step below carefully:

  1. Click here for dowloading Java Environmnet, you need Java to operate FreeMInd.exe
  2. Click here for downloading Freemind.exe Software.
  3. Firstly Install Java first ( for those who have had JAva, no need)
  4. Then Install Freemind.exe Software
  5. And it is ready to explore, just click on Help Tab if you need helps or guides for first beginner!
  6. It easy, fun and effective!
Want to see my stuff of how it is working?? Here, just a sample i did on my own, less than 10 minutes!

*Nota di atas adalah sekadar rekaan semata-mata

Cool Right?? So, don't waste your time, the power is on your finger! I really do appreaciate of people can use this method in study, I don't get anything but then if you want to spent me BUTTERSCOTH, I just can say nothing but to agree. Hehehe..

Butterscotch aku menantimu lagi
biar masa berlalu
aku mash merinduimu


teh bunga chrysanthemum said...

haha aku ada apps yg sama dalam iTouch...best2 mende ni...

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

haah. freemind dipublish untuk semua applikasi; Mac, Linux, itouch,iphone and len2 lagi.
cool! Wink~ ^_^