Sunday, April 26, 2009

Am i so busy or am i a busy body??

Busy. That's the simplest way i can describe my situation this month, this week, and tonight ( i wrote this one in night).

Can you imagine, i have :

Four Lab Report
TOK Preparation
IA Business RQ
World Lit RQ
EE further discussion RQ
Chemistry test preparation
IRP Malay Notes
Tutor-tutees discusion
Project manager Minggu Penghayatan Islam
Submision of Fish4life money
GNCC Involvement
Chemistry & Mathematics handbook to be finished

So ridiculous. Now, I know how busy IB is. Prevoiusly, before enter this programme, i just kept wondering why most of the student here complaining about lack of time via their Blog. Now, i am the one who wrote it back. 

Latest activity: Delivered speech at SMKBBST 
under GNCC (guidance club)

IB is really internationally busy.. it depends on you too, if you are a keep-silent-student, perhaps you will have your own time, if not, you have to be a good time manager. No time to waste it uselessly.. 

Maybe, i am a busy body and that's why i am so busy..


Razrin said...

wow! ''internationally'' busy? haha..
sounds scary!

teh bunga chrysanthemum said...

salam ziarah..
huhu...i used to have lots more than that at a time during IB..hehe..
alhamdulillah it's over now...
gud luck for one more year in KMB!!