Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fascinating TOK

Why people say IB students are different from A-level, or other students?
Do they really feel different?
In what way they feel it?

I am one of the IB learner, i had my own experience which is absolutely I think Iwas so special to be an IB candidate. This is not because we learnt in different environment, not at all, all the same with other students out there. 

But, we learnt a all-rounded intergarated program, consist of multisubjects. In KMB, I learnt Malay, English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, and i took business & management as my optional subject. I think, learning all
 of those subjects have no different with A-level subject, just the same even easier than it.

SO, the different are, we have additional requirements to fulfill. They are, CAS, Extended Essay, and TOK.

"Hmm..TOK? What the hell is that?" someone may askthis question. He or she may not even knowing what does TOK mean. It is an acronim for Theory of Knowledge.


In TOK, we learnt on how the magficent knowledge came from. It is the basic theory which apply to human being about the origin of every knowledge. The fact is that before any existing fact occur, we cannot say anything that have in our world is truth. There is no truth instead. 

Perhaps, those who do not learnt this subject, will always tend to accept all the facts provided to him or her. She'll never learn to doubt with the statement either it is right or wrong. And this is usually people are taught during their kids right? "oh, boy.. Do not deny that thing its true lah.." Amom may said this to her child, but in reality there is no right or wrong.


They are taught to be alert and assertive towards the fundamental of philosophy. The ways we get the knowledges and acknolwdege the knowledges. Interesting right?

Yet, sometimes, when i think back, it also has bad effect on certain circumstances. When we see on religion perspective of view, those who are so fanatic which the ideology sometime bring some dificulties to other people. For example, he or she may easily against the religion and even deny some fact provided by the religion. And this is vulnerable for having something really bad to happen. Can you imagine when people denying the wrong doing in ZINA ( having sex illegally and have children without wedlock). This apply to ISLAM. The effects are so bad. Somehow, whatever the religion (Islam had provided is the best to human being) perhaps, those people will not be able to deny it even from scientific point of view. 

So. that is all i can explain about the TOK subject. It was such an interesting subject. You learn it and you'll never regret. ( becease there is no examination test on it, just some presention marks.)


a h u y y said...

secara detailnye ToK anda..
aku tak mampu bce semua.

Amin Rukaini Mustafa said...

xpe, no need to baca semua, sebab anda da faham ngn tok nih..

sesape yg tatau ley la baca..