Monday, June 16, 2008

A trip to Zoo Taiping

this holiday, i went to sitiawan, Perak. The idea to go there was to go to a kenduri, my mum' nephew, Pak Lang Nudin, huhu, i did not recognize him much..

The journey took for about three hours. We arrived early. So, as my parents had planned, we went to Taiping Zoo. This is because my parents, who had been a grandparents would like to bring their two grandsons, Aiman and Aina to the zoo. Hehe, well, you know, childrens love to learn new things.

So, i snapped some memorial pictures there using my old K300 sony ericsson handset camera. The pictures are rather blurred, i am so sorry..huhu.. Somehow, it was a great enjoyment with my family, yet, only my big brother did not join on the trip, he is finishing his study at uniKL (this month, he had finished)

This is my mum, waiting for the other passengers

Really saved our time, and we did not need to walk so much, it took about half an hour to return surround the zoo.
Aiman and aina, my nephew and my niece, very cute right??
this is me, posing near zoo taiping memorial
My father and my mother

May I help you sir?? the camel look so sad and skinny, maybe it lacks of pity

nyummy2.. our foods.. gulp2..

i did not know what make the rhino so horny and hot-tempered..
This one, i really scared, worry if the tiger of malaya jump out from it cage..Aaurmh..haha, this one?? this is not my teddy bear, but it is my niece's teddy bear, i stole to snap it..kih2..

After the trip, we went to the kenduri. I ate a lot, well, i came from a long journey, so, it is worthless if i didn't eat much..