Monday, June 16, 2008

Staying Alone does not mean you are alone..

Yes, you are not alone. Sometimes, when we consider we are alone, we actually do not look seriously using our sixth sense, our pure sight, which can be attain with purity, sincereness, and love.

I look that, we are not alone, such this life is created meaningfully. No intention to make us to be loaded.

Lets us look back, lets us think for a while, where were you before you was born, who gave you life?
Where you were put during you are in the stage of an unborn baby. You were safe.
After your birth, who looked after you, fed on you. you were safe and not alone.
When you were crying, there is always someone will care for you.

When you become puberty, able to handle your self without any help, still your parents watch over you. Perhaps everyday, you have someone to talk to, to communicate to, so, you are not alone.

Even, if you are placed in a rural place, no one is there, believe me, you are not alone..
Do you know why, starting after your birth, you will never be alone. This is the Mercy that comes from our Lord, Allah..

Allah love us so much..Allah will never lets us alone..