Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why biotechnolgy?

this question always keep appealing in my head from my friends. I know, it is hard to tell them why i chose biotechnology instead if being a doctor or an engineer.
Well, i know, in this life we have what we want. Sometimes when i think back, Is it wrong for me to be a biotechnologist instead of a doctor? No, i always say no. The most vital part is how we appreciate it and all depend on our intention. If we really want something based on the profits that we will get, we may survive, but how long the profits will still continue.

To me, I chose biotechnology superbly because i look back into my earliest dream of my life. When i was still a really young boy, had astonished with great works of many scientists. However, the ambition finished up when i became growing up. Being exposed to other and another points pf job, my mind caught to be a new and different person. I changed to be a teacher after that. then, I changed again to be a doctor. The process continued and at last something knocked hardly my heart to choose this field, Biotechnology.

Basically, i have my own mission and vision focusing on this field. no one ever know except the most merciful Lord. You have to be straight and cool in making your decision, remember, you are what you are thinking.


Unknown said...

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