Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Islam And Science: Parallelism

This article is dedicated to the non-muslim, non-believers and also to all Muslim. It is an article that will highlight and describe about the truth that Islam brought to us. It is an invitation to those who can think and reminder to whom that want to listen.

Islam is not a religion in buildings
Islam is a way of life. It does not only exist in the building of certain mosques. It describe the system of life of human being very well in such so details which becomes the perfect law that we ever had. Islam will answer every question you ask about life. I would say Islam as a perfect system. System that convey the word of God clearly, precisely in an honor way. The Faith that exist in Islam is simple and basic, to understand and believe that there is only One God that we need to worship to, Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger. The Creator of the Earth of every creatures. So Allah know the best about his creation. And Muhammad became The messenger to deliver the message and revelation. And Muhammad is  not the divine that we need to worship him, Muhammad is a normal man who did his job very well. Islam covers in all aspect of life such as Politics, Economics, Educations, Individual development, Spiritual and set up the basic guideline to be followed.

Islam And Science
Indeed, Islam and Science are very correlated. Both of them are synergy. Science needs us to think with our great mind while Islam always ask Muslims and man to think about the Earth and the Heaven. This relationship made Islam to be the System of life that covers every aspect of development. The parallelism between Islam and Science can be seen very clearly since there is not contradiction between science and islam. Indeed all the theories made by scientist in this late era, reveal that Islam had told it before. About the theory of relativity, the theory of Universe expansion and many more. This is an invitation for you who wan to know and believe. Please go to this website and get knowing more about Islam int perspective of Science.

Islam: the Empire of faith
In fact, the empire of islam still exist for today, but the power is in dormancy phase. And it will rise again. An empire that established about thousands of years since 1400 years ago. Indeed, no empire can survive at such long time. 

This is a documentary made by the researchers, historians, and also the professors who did a lot of research about ISlam. There is no biassness. You should take some time to watch it like you are watching in cinema-very interesting.

CLICK HERE to watch the movies

Islam will rise again!

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