Saturday, September 27, 2008

Being kind or making kind???

First thing came first in my life is 'being kind'. I was raised to be a kind man. Even my parents taught me about this, and i mean every parents teach it right to their children. But how about making kind

Is there any obvious different between both of them?
If yes, which one is better?

When I grow up, i believe both statements are true, somehow making kind is the best to follow. It means you make something kind to anyone, either you recognise him or her or not. While being kind also true. Yet, if you are just being kind, sometimes it does not mean you will help anyone else. Instead of that, you'll only be 'kind' like your parents had taught, without doing anything to help others. 

This is some wrong or flawless in Malay culture, i do not mean Malays are wrong but often this situation happens in our daily life. For example, when there is an old woman trying to cross a heavy trafic, a kind person may watch the old woman and he or she may mumbling, 'Oh..little pity of the old woman, if i could help her..huhu', but a person who wants 'making kind' surely will approach the old woman help her crossing the road. 

Believe it or not, our culture translated kind as someone who does not make or responsible to any disputes, he or she is said to be kind when he or she has good intentions only, not trying to prove it! So, the 'kind' person, is a 'shy2' person; hence, in reality, this person does not contribute many much in our life. We actually need someone who wants making kind. They are the guys who proceed to actions quickly as soon they detect something or someone needs their help. 

SO?? which one is better???
Being Kind or Making Kind??


Anonymous said...

i think it is pretty similar with Ust Hasrizal's "bukan sekadar memberi TAHU, tetapi mencetus MAHU". there's no point if you were to know something good if you do not act it out..ilmu is to be amal-ed not meant to be kept like jeruk or whatever they call it...anyhow, a good point to ponder in a simple manner!=)

a h u y y said...

pasal mkck tua tue betul..ngah3.

keep it up wit that 'kind' attitude..!!